Capital allowances reduce the amount of tax that businesses have to pay.

They are a valuable saving that is often under-claimed particularly in relation to property and construction projects. The savings relate to both the cash value of the allowances themselves and also to the hidden resource saving resulting from the efficient management of the whole capital allowances process from initial estimates to final resolution with the tax authorities.

Landmark PT aim to compliment existing advisors such as lawyers, accountants and property agents to gather and analyse the appropriate information with the appropriate level of detail to satisfy the requirement of the tax self assessment regimes.

To ensure true financial advantage the following steps should always be completed:

  1. Establishment of entitlement to claim capital allowances
  2. Communication of capital allowances management process to all affected
  3. Communication of capital allowances management process to all affected
  4. Agreement and negotiation of the value of claim with HMRC and Valuation Office surveyors
  5. Protection of tax benefits on future sale of development or investment

There are opportunities in almost all commercial business sectors whether purchasing, constructing, refurbishing or selling property. This includes hotels, offices, retail and industrial buildings. Claims can be made for past as well as current expenditure.