There is a special VAT refund procedure available for private individuals who construct or commission the construction of a new home or the conversion of a non residential building to create a new home for their private occupation. This allows a development to be completed largely free of the burden of VAT.

We are experienced in the planning, preparation, submission and negotiation of these claims with HM Revenue & Customs. In addition we can assist throughout the course of the project from inception to completion to ensure the relevant conditions for a claim are met. This includes consideration of:

  1. Planning permission documentation
  2. Procurement of materials and builders services
  3. Ensuring contractor’s charge the correct rates of VAT to prevent timely retrospective adjustments to invoicing
  4. Apportionment of expenditure between qualifying and non qualifying items
  5. Compilation of appropriate documentary evidence in a qualifying format to support the claim

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a fee proposal for our services.

We appreciate that construction projects are arranged in a multitude of different ways and that self builds are not always arranged with purely commercial outcomes in mind.