At up to 20% VAT is a significant element of cost for any construction project or property transaction.

Landmark PT aims to take charge of the VAT issues on construction projects in order to maximise savings for clients and meet the compliance needs of contractors and tax authorities. This is not just technical advice, but management of critical legal, contractual, procurement, data capture and cost apportionment issues that affect the level of VAT savings. Landmark PT uniquely combine the skills of a chartered quantity surveyor and those of a qualified tax consultant to ensure comprehensive consideration of the relevant issues.

There are opportunities on almost all property developments (what ever the value) including domestic house refurbishments, self-builds, commercial development or investment.



The VAT consultant of choice for architects, designers, developers and builders through out the UK.

Proactive advice for you, your builders and suppliers.

Always happy to remove the tension from any VAT debate.

Comprehensive evidence and analysis in form of VAT Liability Statements for the builder's records.

Experienced in negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs.

Essential contractual and procurement advice available.

Apportionment of costs by a chartered quantity surveyor.